Causes And Effect Of Anxiety Essay example

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Fear is a primal instinct that has plays a crucial role in the evolution and survival of every animal species. In our study, we will focus on vasovagal fainting episodes induced by viewing injections and wounds in persons with Blood-Inject-Injury Type Specific (BIITS) phobia. Reports of fainting reactions to fear-related stimuli are less than 0.1% across all phobias but reported in 100% of BIITS phobia patients (H. Stephan Bracha, 2004). In physiological terms, a BIITS phobia vasovagal fainting response consists of two phases. First there is a brief spike in heart rate and blood pressure. This increase is immediately followed by a dramatic decrease in heart rate and blood pressure, causing the person to lose consciousness (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual-Fourth Edition-Text Revision, 2000).


We hypothesize that subliminal blood-injection-injury stimuli will cause high levels of activity in the emotion centers of BIIST subjects ' brains, coupled with the physical changes that are typical of a vasovagal fainting response. Additionally, we believe there will be stronger reactions in third-person visual stimuli of wounds and injections than those caused by first or second person viewpoints.

Proposed Method

We will use functional magnetic resonant imaging (fMRI) with an event-related design to study the effects of stimulus variations on subjects. We propose exposing a group with subjects BIIST phobia and a control group to a series of six visual…

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