Causes And Consequences Of Stillbirth Essay

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It is a very severe matter when a child dies at such a young age. Along with abortions, stillbirths are also a risk that a mother faces after consuming alcohol. Any “fetal demise that occurs after the 20th week” is no longer considered a miscarriage, but a stillbirth and “6.22 of every 1000 pregnancies” end in a stillbirth every year in the United States (Bailey and Sokol 88-89). Again, every defect has a risk, and that risk increases when a mother drinks while the child is still inside her. For stillbirth,, there is a “40% increase of stillbirth for women who consumed any alcohol” during their pregnancy (Bailey and Sokol 88-89). Stillbirth “may occur more frequently” for women who drink during pregnancy (Bailey and Sokol 88-89). So every time a mother drinks she is risking the life or her baby. The reason stillbirth happens is because the alcohol that infected the fetus may have “decreased the placental size, impaired the blood flow, or caused endocrine changes” (Bailey and Sokol 88-89). The connection between prenatal alcohol exposure and stillbirth further supports that a mother 's alcohol exposure results in fetal demise. This is why legislators need to pass this law. Another reason for this law needing to be passed is because of the number of preterm births that happen because of the consumption of alcohol. Preterm birth is a less severe outcome but it still could take the life of the baby. Preterm birth is any delivery of a child before the 37th week of gestation.…

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