Cause and Treatment of Mental Illness Essay

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Running Head: Cause and treatment of mental illness

This paper briefly talks about mental illnesses and what it entails. The paper will discuss my thoughts on mental illnesses as well as what exactly a mental illness is. I will begin telling where some of the stigma of someone suffering with a mental illness stems from. I will talk about how the media such as newspapers and national advertisements play a role in this stigma. I will give insight on some of the causes that may contribute to someone dealing with mental illness. Genetic, biological, psychological, and environmental factors will also be discussed. Some of the treatments that are available for mental illness sufferers such as psychotherapeutic treatments will be
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For several years I watched my aunt suffer with manic depression also known as bipolar. I have seen the devastation that this illness has caused on her and her family. Watching this mental illness manifest itself can be frightening at times. My aunt is one of the reasons why I chose to have a career as a psychologist. Mental illness is not prejudice it can strike anyone. It doesn’t know race, economic status, age limits, creed or color. There have been more than 54 million Americans affected by one or more mental disorders during the course of a year. There is no known exact cause of most mental illnesses however; it is becoming clearer through research that many of these conditions are caused by a combination of genetic, biological, psychological, and environmental factors. Many mental illnesses have the tendency to run in the family which means that the illness may be passed on from parents to children through genes. Experts believe that mental conditions are linked to problems in multiple genes not just one, as with many diseases which is why a person inherits a susceptibility to a mental disorder, but doesn’t always develop the condition. Some mental illnesses have been linked to an abnormal balance of special chemicals in the brain called neurotransmitters. Neurotransmitters help the nerve cells in the brain communicate with each other. If the chemicals are out of balance messages might not make it through the brain correctly which may

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