Cause And Negative Effects Of Aging Population

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The world 's population is aging as a result of decreasing mortality and better medical services. In the past, there were more children than the elderly, but it has become completely opposite in the recent decades. An increase in life expectancy is one of the causes of the aging population. The aging population is currently at its highest level in human history. There are the number of people who one aged 60 years old and over has tripled since 1950. It is believed that the senior and geriatric population will reach 2.1 billion by 2050 (Clayton, 88). As a consequence, aging global population influences the structure of the population, the structure of society and labour force causing.

Aging population is widespread across the world. The
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Owing to become many people in old age, there are some positive aspects such as life experiences are relatively more than before and societies are also rather stable. In contrast, this phenomenon contributes to the fact that the number of people who reach retirement rise gradually. Better medical treatment and public health improve life expectancy, even though it makes people less ailments. As a result, aging society is going to cause serious problems. First, workforce unit decreases. Secondly, social resources, welfare and medical expenses are oriented at the elderly. It makes national finance overload. As well as aging problem and property always occurs at the same time. In addition, labour force is declining; therefore, many companies move to countries with higher workforce. Furthermore, tax revenue is decreasing so financial burden is placed on young people. To solve this kind of problem, governments encourage citizens to have babies and improve family requirement. Raising retirement age and encouraging elderly to continue working can also resolve the aging population, but government demands to prevent teenagers being deprived career opportunities and salaries. If teenagers be affected, birth rates will decrease because this policy have already been protested by young people. Apart from these solutions, government can also employ immigrants to …show more content…
So that resources for children and young people will be reduced. Every country has to face and solve this serious problem. If the representatives of each country have a solution and implement it, the population between elderly and children will be

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