Cause And Effects Of Elder Abuse

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Register to read the introduction… 216). It can involve both intentional and unintentional acts that cause bodily harm or create a serious risk of harm such as emotional abuse, exploitation, physical abuse, sexual abuse as well as the failure of a family or paid formal caregiver to provide an elder under their care with basic needs leading to neglect or abandonment (Lachs & Pillmer, 2004). Canada is home to an increasingly aging society. In 2009, statistics Canada reported that 13% of the Canadian population was over the age of 65. Today, theses fast growing populations of older adults are often more visible, active, and live independently than ever before. However for some older adults instead of enjoying their late life, behind drawn curtains and closed doors they are becoming victims of elder abuse (Statistics Canada, 2010). Elder abuse is not a new phenomenon. Although, the true prevalence and incidence of elder abuse is not well known due to factors such as under-reporting, denial both by the victim and perpetrator, confusion about what constitutes abuse, or a general lack of awareness of warning signs about the issue, it happens in all communities, among every race, culture, and religion (Ebersole, Hess, Touhy, Jett, & Luggen, 2008). Currently, this serous health problem is recognized worldwide as a persistent and rising …show more content…
However, while providing safe and competent care; they are also obligated to provide an ethical care. Although there are gaps in knowledge with respect to the clinical manifestations and treatment of elder abuse, they should not prevent clinicians from taking an active role in identification and management. Elder abuse directly affects quality of life, and removal of a patient from an abusive situation is one of the most gratifying experiences for nurses and other healthcare professionals. Consequently, nurses need to be vigilant in identifying abuse through comprehensive assessment, report it when it occurs and plan an intervention to prevent

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