Cause And Effects Of Bullying

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School bullying has become a common problem for children in elementary schools in the United States. There are many types of bullying that can include physical, verbal, cyber bully and relationship bullying. Physical bullying can include any action like pushing, hitting and even kicking someone without a reasonable cause. Some even take it as far as stealing and ruining other students stuff. Verbal bullying is any type of insult, teasing and name-calling. Cyber bullying can occur by text messaging, email and by phone and includes constant annoyance and harassment of the victim. Relationship bullying is presented when a student refuses to talk to another student and exclude them from activities. Bullying is more common at schools and it is …show more content…
A victim of bullying will usually be insecure and too scared to defend themself. Victims of bulling will never try to fight back because they are scared of the bully and the outcomes. Usually, victims will never speak up because they are afraid of further consequences with the aggressor. When a child is being bullied they will usually be isolated from the rest of their class and stay close to older people they trust like teachers or other playground supervisors. They will repeatedly stay close to staff especially during recess and avoid using the restroom during their breaks. One of the most noticeable characteristic of a student being bullied is the refusal of attending school. They will always want to miss class and stay home to try and not face their attacker (Northwest Regional Educational Laboratory, 2001, Olweus, 1993). Students who are victims of bullying will also have very few friends and will lack social skills. They will be insecure and usually be depressed because of the constant harassment and become open to to suicidal thoughts. Studies reveal that some victims become bullies themselves because of the anger accumulated inside of them, and in order to feel better about themselves they bully other children that are smaller than them. There are many common signs a parent can be aware to see if they child is being bullied. One of the most common signs of bullying is unexplained bruises and marks on the child’s body. The child will also be emotionally withdrawn and refuse to participate in school

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