Cause And Effect Of Postpartum Depression

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The Causes and Effects of Postpartum Depression
Pregnancy is everywhere you go, there is no way to avoid it. You and every other person on this planet was brought into this world through a pregnancy. Most people know that pregnancy is difficult; craving unusual foods, gaining weight, transformation of the body, it’s extremely expensive and there is only so much you can do to prepare for the birth. But what most people don’t ever think about is what is how the mother is affected mentally after the baby is born. Having major depression after giving birth is an extremely dangerous condition and it happens to more women than you might think. It is common that a new mother can feel sad, lonely, anxious, and stressed, but nearly 1 out of 7 women can experience a much worse mood condition known as postpartum depression (Postpartum Depression, 2015). Knowing the causes and effects of postpartum depression could potentially save a life or give hope for the new mother.
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Mothers are the most affected, but fathers can start to have major depression also after their partner gives birth. Postpartum depression can affect any woman or man just days or even months after giving birth. The pregnancy can be completely normal, have a healthy baby, seems like a perfect home situation and still get depressed. There is no single cause that will “make” you have depression after birth. Many things can make you more prone to having it, including having no social life after you give birth, not going out places, only staying at home alone, feeling less attractive, changed sleep schedule, and just the overwhelming factor of thinking you aren’t going to be a good parent (Depression (major depressive disorder), 2015). Postpartum depression can be a very serious condition and should you know anybody with it, get help right

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