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You are the last one picked to play soccer, dodgeballs fly past your face, and you have to run the dreaded mile. Oh boy; it’s gym class. There are athletes competing against non-athletes, and fitness freaks against fitness phobics. Gym class has been a part of many generations, and in many ways it hurts students across the country.
For athletes, gym class can be hurtful towards their athletic game. An online article by Teen Ink Magazine says gym class “causes...stress and strain on an athlete 's body and mind” (Kelly H., “Varsity Versus Gym Class” ). The stress and strain from intense physical activity can easily lead to injuries. Research published online by The Center for Injury Research at Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus and Ohio State University reports that “The annual number of [gym class related injuries] increased 150% during the study period [1997-2007]” (Nelson, et al.). Gym class injuries are becoming more and more popular because of the harm athletes do to their bodies. Athletes tend to push their bodies more and more in gym class for various reasons. Some are to impress classmates or to achieve a GPA that allows them to play their
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According to Current Health 2 Magazine, Hortonville High School of Hortonville, Wisconsin changed their curriculum to include Workout Wednesdays where they “give students the chance to build muscular endurance, strength, and flexibility through a series of targeted exercises” (Buswell, “Phys Ed Reinvented”). The school also opens the cardio room after school to all students. They no longer rely on harmful team sports during gym.For three years in a row, the school has earned the Governor’s Health Award for academic achievement and long-term physical health.The school’s success (academically and physically) is just one example of how a changed curriculum to get rid of team sports improves both athletes and

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