Cause And Effect Essay On Cancer

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Cancer is a very complex disease of the body. Cancer is caused by mutations in an individual’s DNA whiten cells. Abnormal cell function may cause a cell to become cancerous, sometimes the abnormal cell function can be hereditary and sometimes they occur after birth or exposure to certain experiences. Although an individual could be born with abnormal cellular function it does not mean that the individual has cancer for sure. The inherited gene can make an individual more likely to be diagnosed with cancer due to an exposure because the cells are already prone to be cancerous. The risks of cancer are pretty well known; smoking, drinking alcoholic beverages, excessive exposure to the sun, obesity, and unsafe sex are all common risk factors that …show more content…
There are so many different signs and symptoms depending on the location of the cancer.
There are noninvasive ways to try to diagnose cancer. A physical exam by the doctor for lumps or any abnormalities within the body the least invasive. Medical professionals now teach individuals how to perform self-examinations for cancer; not all types of course but men can test
RUNNING HEAD: Cancer Jones !3 for testicular cancer and women can check for breast cancer at home. If anything seems off or unusual the individual is urged to see their doctor immediately. Blood and urine tests are also a good way to avoid being to invasive with the individual, this type of testing is good for leukemia because the white blood cells will show abnormal values. The most common noninvasive test to run for cancer is an imaging test. A CT scan, MRI, or PET scan can look at an individuals bones or internal organs and identify any abnormalities. Cancer can have a definite diagnosis with a biopsy of the tumor cells. There are many different ways to get a biopsy depending on the location, size and type of cancer at hand. This method of diagnosis is definitely the most invasive but it is the most certain way to know if an individual has cancer or
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Aggressive treatment would include chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and hormone therapy; all of which can make an individual feel as though they have been hit by a mack truck due to the toll these treatments take on a body. An individual can choose to have the tumor or part of the body localized with cancer removed surgically. This is an ideal form of treatment if it is feasible; sometimes the cancer makes it impossible to remove the area effected. A marrow transplant can also be performed for an individual with cancer but this is usually a last resort of treatment because it is a risky procedure and sometimes difficult to find a donor match.
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Sometimes treatments do not work for people and the cancer ends up taking over their body. Palliative care and hospice are common among individuals with terminal cancer, trying to make the days that an individual the best as they can be is so important. I personally would never want to work in oncology because I feel as though it would be way to heartbreaking, but to every nurse who does work in oncology, I raise my hat to them and were lucky to have them, they truly

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