Cathedral By Raymond Carver : A Brief Analysis Essay examples

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“Cathedral”- A Brief Analysis
Ravineel Chand
ENG125: Introduction to Literature
Professor Sabine Reljic
20 October 2014

“Cathedral” – A brief Analysis 2
Point of view, plot and symbolism are essential elements in a short story because of their tendency to help the reader better grasp the beliefs, thoughts and feelings of the characters. Authors like Raymond Carver in often utilize point of view and symbolism as a way to connect the character to the reader on different levels. Authors often use these two compositions, which play an important role in the short story, to help the reader have a better understanding and comprehension of the emotional state of the characters in their short stories. In this paper, I will be analyzing the short story “Cathedral” written by Raymond Carver and how his utilization of the literary elements point of view, plot and symbolism affect the narrative theme of his short story.
“Cathedral” written by Raymond Carver is narrated by a man whose wife has invited over a blind friend to visit their home. . The narrator remains unnamed throughout the story, happens to be jealous, insecure and close-minded man which is basis of the main theme in this story. “The narrator, a self-absorbed person, admits his own “blindness” (lack of insight) about blind people. He doesn’t like the fact that Robert and his wife are close friends” (Clugston, R.W, 2014)…

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