Casein Vs Soy

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As the field of nutrition has developed over the years, it has become common practice for recreational and elite athletes to use diet and supplementation to enhance their training adaptations and performance due to competition in sport increasing and demanding more from the athletes to reach above and beyond to optimise their natural abilities. Due to the fact being, protein is essential to promote muscle growth, repair damaged cells and tissues, synthesise hormones and for a variety of metabolic activities. Numerous sources of protein can be consumed; animal based protein and plant based protein. Consequently, nutrition has become a key component for most athletes (Ray et al, 2004). This has lead athletes to pursue the option of nutritional advice and nutritional supplements to elevate their performance so that they can fuel the competitive edge. With the rise in sports nutrition and its knowledge, athletes have
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As well as, majority of research compared whey and casein as they are both found within the same source than soy protein. Therefore, any research into this topic should focus more on the difference between casein and soy and its impact on muscle metabolism. Helping in the expansion of knowledge on different protein supplements which can be specific to animal or plant proteins. For instance the effect different protein sources have on muscle metabolism after aerobic exercise.

In summary, multiple sources of protein are shown to elevate muscle protein synthesis, for example milk protein compared to soy protein after resistance exercise is advantageous for individuals optimizing lean muscle mass and muscle protein synthesis. Thus, highlighting the important role protein consumption plays in promoting muscle protein synthesis after resistance

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