Case Study on Teamwork Problem Essay

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Case Study Summary
Mike Garcia and Jill Hendrickson have been butting heads for months at work. Mike is a manufacturing manager at Auto Safety Products, which is a firm in the Midwest that designs and produces automobile seat belts and infant and child safety seats. Jill is a design engineer for the same firm. Top management at their work instituted concurrent engineering, a team-based system that integrates manufacturing and design processes. Concurrent engineering is intended to eliminate the problems that often occur in industry when designers are unaware of the needs of manufacturing. Through concurrent engineering, management hoped to improve attention to all elements of the product life cycle and manufacture a quality,
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3a. If you were Adam, how would you approach this conflict? If I was Adam, I would sit them both down together and have them write down the benefits that each of them bring to the company.
3b. What strategies should you use to help Mike and Jill deal with their ongoing problems? A strategy that I l would use is integrative bargaining. In integrative bargaining, the conflicting parties are trying to maximize gains for both parties (Miller, 2012). The bargainers discuss issues that could lead to a more creative solution to the problem at hand. Outcomes of integrative bargaining are often solution that allow both parties to benefit, and communication tends to be marked by open disclosure, careful listening and multiple communication channels. I believe this is the perfect strategy to use because with both Mike and Jill having problems with each other and the way they do things, if Adam uses this strategy I think you would solve problems for both people.
3c. Would you consider bringing in a mediator to help them work through their issues? I think there should be a mediator in the meeting as well, just in case things would get intense and they could not come up with a fair compromise.
4a. How would a feminist approach to conflict see this situation? They would see this situation that Mike is wrong and Jill is right. They would see it this way because a feminist approach would say that men don’t listen to women

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