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Gumdrop Cases | West Liberty Foods

Company Profile

Gumdrop Cases makes cases for Smartphones, Tablets, and Macbooks that provide ruggedized protection from harsh conditions. Combining innovative and fashion-forward design with maximum protection, Gumdrop provides unique options, including screen and port protection, shock absorption and drop protection. For more information, visit

West Liberty Foods
Our mission is to be a leading food manufacturer by converting needs, ideas, and expertise into value for our members, business partners, and consumers.

Core Values:
Family Oriented
Social Responsibility
Results Driven

Tell us more about West Liberty Foods and what exactly your company does.
West Liberty Foods is a US meat processing company owned by Iowa Turkey Growers Cooperative. A group of Iowa turkey growers formed the company in 1996 and has since grown into four meat processing plants.

West Liberty Foods is a leading co-packer, private label manufacturer, and foodservice supplier of sliced deli meats and fully cooked ICF products. Their meats include sliced meat, ham, turkey, chicken patties, and chicken strips. Subway is the biggest partner, taking up 75% of their service production.

How did you originally take in, produce, process, package, and ship your orders before mobile devices came on the scene?
Before West Liberty Foods had mobile…

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