Case Study Volkswagen

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My five most important personal core values include honesty, self-acceptance, fairness, helping and forgiveness; Honesty is like a security blanket with a relationship, it’s the foundation of whether you choose to have a happy, long lasting relationship or whether you want it to be a lie and be an unresolved case of the truth. Self-acceptance is wanting to love yourself despite what everyone else thinks, to be self-accepting you have to have happiness and satisfaction within yourself. Fairness, true fairness would be where everyone is treated the same, or there is an unbiased system of balance. Helping, I believe that not even one person knows everything there is to do with the world and its matter.
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Organisational consequences include having to recall 8.5 million cars in Europe and 2.4 million cars in Germany and 1.2 million in the UK. Throughout the world including Italy, Canada and south Korea have opened investigations into Volkswagen, to see the legitimacy of VW brand. Volkswagen has also had to set aside up to 10 billion dollars just to cover the costs of this scandal. The social consequences of the Volkswagen scandal is now Volkswagen has the social pressure of the negative brand name from their immoral actions. Now Volkswagen have to pull their market back, having to create something bigger and better to win back their market, to show that they can develop reliable product and not perceive their market …show more content…
Kantianism is the expression of not lying and good will is the only type of truth because it shows true morality with no other internal or external influences. Using my 5 core values and utilising that with Kantianism, it was easy to establish what I would have done differently if I was in charge of operations. Because my five core values are honesty, self-acceptance, fairness, helping and forgiveness; I was able to segment these and categorise them into the three actions Volkswagen did wrong according to Kantianism. The three problems that I had with what Volkswagen was doing wrong was how they imported a defeat device into different cars which made them perform better on command, also how they faked their carbon dioxide level tests, which the levels showed lower than expected, and lastly they modified their software in 3 litre engines. Volkswagen used defeat devices in their cars, which showed that their honesty and willingness to help their customers, these simple characteristics were not shown at all by Volkswagen, I would have been honest from the beginning if I was in control, even though Volkswagen were trying to get a competitor advantage, I still would have been honest and figured our another way of getting a competitor advantage. Secondly, Volkswagen faked their carbon emissions level and advertised the wrong reading to consumers,

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