Case Study : The Yellow Brick Road Essay example

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Case Study: The Yellow Brick Road to Quality


The Yellow Brick Road to Quality is a case that uses 5 scene summaries from The Wizard of Oz as a basis for organizational leaders can use as they go down the performance excellence journey, organizational and culture change. This is a fictional story that contains many of the fundamentals and principles required for organizations to be successful with organizational change and transformation. Below you will find the lessons that organizations can learn in pursuing change and a performance excellence culture.
1. Dorothy was not happy with the world, as she knew it. A tornado came along and transported her to the Land of Oz. The tornado dropped Dorothy’s house on the Wicked Witch of the East, killing the witch. “Ding, dong, the witch is dead!” rang through-out Munchkin land, but Dorothy only temporarily lost her home support provided by family back in Kansas. All is not good, however, in the Land of Oz. Dorothy’s problem is to find her way home to Kansas. Her call to action was precipitated by a crisis – the tornado that transported her to an alien land.
Often for change to be created, a crisis is needed to force a change in the way organizations do business and ensure the organization. When there is a crises such as a decline in sales, outdated technology or a reaction to competition, companies will have to change or become history. Unfortunately creating change in an organization is very, very tough.…

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