Price Elasticity Case Study

Price elasticity refers to the change in the amount of a product demand due to change in its price. In other words, how much in quantity demand will change due to a single unit change in price. The Supervisors of microwavable food company should make the clients feel like they cannot live without their food, in case the supervisors are planning on increasing the prices for their products. This is because the company is operating in a very competitive market meaning that a slight increase in the price for their products will mean that most of their clients will run away to other companies where they can buy similar products at lower prices as compared to the new price by microwavable food company. Supervisors will need to be careful when increasing …show more content…
Company growth is a period of the life of a company which is filled with both risks and opportunities. On the one hand, company growth generally takes with it a matching upsurge in fiscal bundles for workers and owners equally. Routine capital investment might be required for growth in a unit of government including an organization just like a city or state (Arnold, 2010).
Financing like bonds and loans is a considered risk undertaken if the asset will pay off, and could be required to cover the expenses related to the investment. Businesses can build new warehouses, for instance, or buy new production equipment to improve efficiency. It should be possible to show how development will be created by the investment with evaluation prior to the job beginning. Capacity may expand, cut long term prices, allow for the creation of new parts, or offer other advantages (Ferrell & Hartline,
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The capital expenditure must represent the kinds of services and goods the company intends to offer later on. Capital jobs help determine the price of the cost as well as the finished product the producer must bill in two ways. The cash spent on capital projects generally creates a fiscal burden in the type of debt repayment. Second, the sort of investment mainly orders the expense of production (Tucker, 2008).
There could be some important complexities that might appear when an organization is contemplating growth via capital jobs. In moving forward with growth, decision makers must consider advantages, the risks and price of the growth. One part which could become complicated would function as the demand to save additional capital to enlarge. So it is necessary for gain and the price of growth to be assessed. Also, having the capability to address unnecessariness in procedures will likely be removed to create the company leaner (Domingues, Patterson, & Bucher,

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