Case Study : The Killing Spree Of Roger Dale And Veran Stafford

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Case/Offender During the summer of 1978 the killing spree of Roger Dale and Veran Stafford along with Roger’s brother Harold Stafford took place in Oklahoma. This killing spree would go down as one of the most gruesome killings in the state’s history. Throughout the summer of 1978 these three individuals would kill four adults five teenagers and one boy who was younger then thirteen. Roger Safford had been charged with murder for killing a 20-year-old co-worker while working at McDonalds in Muscle Shoals, Alabama. His brother Harold is thought to have been involved he was never formally charged. Roger was only charged after his ex-wife Veran had told the police of his actions. He never stood trail for this case because of murders in Oklahoma, Alabama chose not to ask for extradition from Oklahoma. Little else is known about Roger, Veran, or Harold before the faithful summer of 1978. The killings of 1978 started with the murder of three people on the side of I-35. These three included a married couple both in the Air Force and their young child who was twelve. This murder was a plot to rob in which Roger had gotten upset with the people he was robbing then killed the family. The Sirloin Stockade murder is a murder that took place at the Sirloin Stockade restaurant near downtown Oklahoma City. This again was planned out and thought of to be a robbery, however it turned deadly. After a manger had acted in similar fashion to the Husband of the first robbery in Oklahoma…

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