Essay on Case Study : ' The Guy We Are Looking

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“It was approximately 4:30 pm on a friday night. My shift ended at 4 but my partner needed me to serve a warrant with him. What are you supposed to do? He’s my partner and I wasn’t about to let him go out alone not have someone have his back. We begin heading to the location where that subject was staying.” “The guy we are looking for is a head case, he’s been know to run when law enforcement tries to bring him in and he also has a prior record with misusing pharmaceutical drugs so he could be very aggressive.” “We show up at the defendant 's house shortly after he reads what we are dealing with. The guys…. i 'm not sure you could call it a house. It was an old plantation looking house that he had moved into after after it had been vacant for years. The weird thing about the house was that this was the house I was raised from the time i was born until the 8th grade until I moved into the city. We get out of the car and make a move to the door, my partner makes his way around the back to make sure the guy we are looking for does run out the back. As my partner gets ready I knock on the door. A man comes to the door but only cracks the door so I can’t really see his face. I finally get a look of the guys face, it’s our guy. I ask him to step out side so I could take him down for just a little questioning. As soon as i say that he gets upset and slammed the door and took off through the house. I tried to open the door but it was stuck because of the moisture in the air has…

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