Miracle Study Flawed And Fraud Summary

In “The Colombian University “Miracle Study Flawed and Fraud” author Bruce Flamm explains that the study is full of error and was very poorly conducted. The study could have not even taken place. The whole study seems to be full of deception. Not only is the study considered fraud but also even the conductors of the study could be considered dishonest.
Lets start with the study as a whole. The study took place at the Columbian University Medical Center in New York. The Miracle Study was essentially an analysis that three researchers, Kwang Cha, Rogerio Lobo, and Daniel Wirth supposedly tested proving that infertile women who were prayed for by Christian prayer groups became pregnant twice as often as those who did not have people praying for them. The study claimed that they accomplished the experiment in a randomized controlled trial. The study involved two hundred nineteen infertility patients in South Korea, but twenty nine of those patients were exclude, leaving a full one hundred ninety nine patients to complete the study. These patients were going to undergo in vetro fertilization (IVF), which is the most advanced form of infertility treatment
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People wanted the study to be removed from the journal and website because it was inaccurate and seemed invalid. The fraud committed by all three authors and also the system the authors used to conduct the study made it seem far-fetched. The publication of irrational studies and pseudoscience in journals does impairment to the reader’s perception of not just medical science, but also science in general. The Columbian University Miracle Study can best be describes as misleading and hard to understand. The study is ridiculously conducted and has no valid outcomes to prove that the study is valid. The study as a whole can be considered a disgrace to science along with the authors who conducted the

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