Case Study : The A7d Affair Essay

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In Case 1.3 “The A7D Affair”, talks about Kermit Vandivier, who is a data analyst and technical writer for Goodrich being involved in fraud and guilty of participating in a conspiracy to defraud LTV. The LTV Aerospace Corporation was contracted by the B.F. Goodrich Wheel & Brake Plant located in Troy. Ohio to design a brake for the Air Force’s new aircraft. To explore further with what went down, I will elaborate more on what occurred in addition to answering on whether the actions taken are seen as morally right or wrong.
Stakeholders included:
• Kermit Vandivier: Goodrich employee.
• B.F. Goodrich Plant: Located in Troy, Ohio. Ordered the 202 brake assemblies for a new Air Force light attack plane.
• John Warren: Seven-year veteran and one of Goodrich’s most capable engineers.
• Searle Lawson: Assigned by Warren to create the final production design.
• Robert Sink: Supervised engineers on projects.
• Ralph Gretzinger: Vandivier’s test lab superior.
• Russell Line: Manager of Goodrich Technical Services Section.
Facts that are involved in the case:
• Goodrich has been reestablished for their superior designs and an innovative four-rotor brake.
• Goodrich was required to complete a report displaying the brake was successful in meeting military qualifications, in order for their brake to be approved by the Air Force,
• Searle Lawson, who’s creating the final production design believed that the brake was too small to handle a landing and suggested a larger,…

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