Systemic Lupus Erythematosus: A Case Study

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Systemic Lupus Erythematosus
Systemic Lupus Erythematosus, commonly known as SLE or Lupus is said to be a disease of the immune system called autoimmune diseases where ones immune system attacks the body with the production of antibodies. The attack causes damage and swelling to the tissues of the body. Inflammation caused by lupus can be very detrimental to major organs such as the lungs, heart, kidneys, brain and nervous system all of which are very important for the proper function of the body (Mayo Clinic Staff, 2014). Lupus affects certain racial subgroups more than others. Three times more, African Americans, Asians, and Native Americans are frequently affected by lupus than compared to whites. It is known to affect more women –with
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Exposure to sunlight which can be deadly plays a part in the emergence of lupus. It is thought to activate lupus in people who were already in danger (genetically) to getting the disease. People with infections usually have weak immune systems making them susceptible to this type of lupus. Medications, with emphasis on ones for hypertension, seizures, and antibiotics aide in making one prone to lupus (Mayo Clinic Staff, 2014). Since this disease is more prevalent in women than men, the female hormone estrogen is said to play a part in the etiology of the disease. Ben Greenstein in his excerpt on lupus stated that the impairment of estrogen receptors exacerbate autoimmune diseases explaining why autoimmune diseases such as lupus tend to be more prevalent in women (Greenstein, 2001). Genetics may be the underlining cause of the disease considering the fact that it predisposes people to getting the disease. C-reactive Protein 4, the main gene associated with the disease is said to be present in all the forms of the disease (D’Cruz et al, …show more content…
She lives a very sedentary lifestyle in her home in Florida while she works as an artist for the company ArtMe. Her great grandfather was diagnosed with lupus years before she was born. She recently went through a major shock from the loss of her mother from the complications of a lung infection. She is a smoker who smokes three packs of cigarettes daily. Mundana is a very close friend of hers who treats her with a trip to the beach every weekend where she goes mainly to tan. She is a hypochondriac who goes to the hospital almost every two weeks. Since her mother died, she developed a fear of infections and feels as though she is dying any moment she does not feel right. Recently she got the common cold and is coughing and sneezing with an unexplained rash on her face. She fears it is a nasal infection. She went to the hospital for treatment and the physician told her that she is showing symptoms of lupus and they need to run more tests. She then demands that the doctor gives her antibiotics for the cold she has. The doctor warns her that they do not know exactly what she has and if it is lupus then it is not advisable for her to take antibiotics because antibiotics hastens the emergence of lupus. She disregards the physicians’ warning and insist on having the antibiotics. She took the antibiotics for approximately three weeks and was still not feeling well. She was admitted to the hospital and took the doctors

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