Essay on Case Study : Roy 's Case

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Overview of Case
Roy, a 48-year-old well-respected elder from an out of town Aboriginal community has reluctantly travelled to the emergency department at his local health service as he has been feeling unwell for some time. Due to cultural beliefs he has only visited traditional healers in the past and has never visited the mainstream health service. Roy has been unwell for months, feels weak, drowsy, has lost weight and is always thirsty. Possibly due to cultural living or current poor health, his appearance is slightly unkempt, has a slight odour and is uncomfortable in the health services surroundings. This increased when attended to by a young female doctor on duty. Roy’s case raises issues in cultural competency as the doctor immediately asked if he is a drinker. Roy is hesitant to answer questions and indicates yes and replies 4 cups this morning but the doctor or Roy did not clarify what she meant by drinking. The doctor advises him that he needs to stop drinking and finishes the consultation. The following day Roy is found by members of his family & community collapsed by the local watering hole and rushed to hospital where examination reveals dehydration and blood glucose levels (BGLs) elevated to 28mmol/L. Further examination and testing confirms a diagnosis of diabetes mellitus. Roy reluctantly agrees to stay in hospital as they try to stabilise his BGLs. This allows for an Aboriginal Liaison Officer (ALO) and Aboriginal Health Worker (AHW) to start…

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