Occupational Intervention Scenario

James is high-spirited 27 year old a single Asian man, born and raised in Philadelphia. He graduated college in Philadelphia 2011 with telecommunication degree. Upon graduation, James moved to New Jersey, where his old-brother was. He has started working as an online content developer at a German car company in U.S.A head quarter. Recently, his mother moved from Pennsylvania to New Jersey to live with his brother and him. Occupational Status
The client has been working for a German car company as an online content developer for last 3 years. James commutes 30 miles from his home 5 days a week by car. James expresses high motivation and passion with his current job and he is expecting to get promoted within 3 years as a manager
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Per client presents the high motivation in his career and the belief in a balanced life in between and personal life, importance of playing multiple roles at the same time, time management goal should be addressed for the client’s need and desire of living to the fullest. First, client is able to utilize technology and use scheduler on his phone for 30 days and make it as a habit. Second, client is able to increase effectiveness and reduce urgency by plan weekly prior to events and follow at least consecutive 3 weeks. The plan should consider the effectiveness in travel time and continence in traveling route. And third, client is being able to prioritize scheduling by using ABC techniques; this system assigns each of your tasks on your list a letter to signify its importance or urgency. “A” is for the most important or the most urgent. The “A” items need to be done first or need to be done today. The letter “B” is for those things of secondary importance or less urgency and the letter “C” for those things of least importance or urgency. This method is suggested by Daniel, R Murphy, an author of “Effective Time …show more content…
To successfully manage in sleep, following short term goals are focused. First, client is able to reduce nicotine level, which will aid fall into a sleep. Client should limit smoking by less than five per week and keep up with for a month to reduce nicotine level. Especially client must be able to prohibit smoking two hours before sleep for first 30 days. Second, client is successfully regulate his sleeping pattern stopping using a smart phone prior to sleep and keep it the habit for a month and third, client is able to adapt aroma therapy for a month. Quality of sleeping can be assisted by adapting aroma therapy can be beneficial for him to fall into a deep sleep cycle, REM cycle. As many of the researches support the effectiveness of aromatherapy aid in relaxing and stimulate the brain to fall in a deep sleep cycle. The client should take warm showers to increase body temperature to comfortably fall asleep by using lavender scent body soap, shampoo, body lotion to stimulate brain relaxation prior to sleep, make sure check allergic reaction before continuing using the products. Based on a research of Effect of Lavender Aromatherapy on Vital Signs and Perceived Quality of Sleep in the Intermediate Care Unit: A Pilot Study by Lytle et al, 2014, after use of lavender therapy blood pressure was

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