Case Study On Selling And Selling On Ebay

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EBay is a website which serves as an electronic platform for selling and buying online. It is the world’s biggest marketplace for garage sale, online shopping center, car dealer and auction site. This platform ensures the smooth business transactions among millions of people locally, nationally and internationally. The site is made free for buyers but sellers pay little for listing their items. EBay provides amazing products with affordable prices and the number one online marketplace to buy and sell your items. Before one can be an eBay user, the person have the adequate knowledge about how to sell and buy items on the site and understand other operations such as the policies and the items that are permitted and restricted.
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When one understands the steps it makes buying easier and enjoyable. As an internet user one needs to also understand that there are scammers everywhere on the internet, therefore to avoid being a victim always check your seller’s feedbacks, rating, further investigate the item and use the accepted mode of payment (PayPal or credit card). The following are some of the steps to take when buying a product on eBay.
• First of all, you need to create an eBay login account. Before you can buy anything on eBay, you need be a registered user. On the eBay website, click on the “register” link and fill in your personal details (email address, username and password). Click continue after which a confirmation email is sent to the address provided. Click on the link in your email to activate your membership.
• The next step is finding an item on eBay. This could be done in two ways; which is using the search box to search for a specific item you want and browsing through the categories to find items that interest

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