Case Study On Project Management

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After going through the entire document it appears that Rachel the project manager, is an easy go person. But to my opinion she really doesn’t, she takes cares of all the responsibility in a cool manner. She is resolving all the issues that are involved in project execution in not such a systematic fashion. Lot of times we observe that her time is being wasted in talking and spending hours together before the morning meetings, review meeting and lunch hours.
We also see that she doesn’t look into the voice messages, mails on time to time basis, as we see an hour or two getting delayed to the time she receives and to the time she reads. So lately she is reacting to the messages, though the issues are getting resolved in the same day. Currently
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Upon reading the case it makes us to understand about what a project manager should do? Not to do? This issue involves the range is very wide, I can only talk about the Rachel experience on a number of previous project experience, the project manager should coordinated with the entire project team, the project manager should be a coordinator and organizer of the project, just like orchestra, the main function is to ensure the development team to work in unison. First, it is the team of internal communication.
From the beginning the excessive focus on the technical details of implementation, while ignoring the grasp of the rhythm of the overall project. In principle, pay attention to the technical details of a good thing. But if too much emphasis on the technical details, it will too far up. Because a person 's time and energy is limited, too much time spent in the details, is bound to affect the overall management of the project. Any updates on any modules of the project must communicate on time to all the developers with a new technical specification
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If an organization is handling only one sector of projects it’s going to have a high impact. So the organization handling multiple projects will have less risk factor.

The HGC is now currently among the most competitive growing company in the gaming industry. So in-order maintain its stature and to compete with the available market certain action plans has to be taken
- The HR department has to ensure that all its available employees get all its required resources in its executive operations
- Improve the bonding among the team members so that the rapport among the team buildup and improve the efficiency
- If there is a brain-drain problem key development professionals, the same people who are professionalized in the industry has to be replaced with the same capabilities into the project.
- There has to be reachable goals and objectives within the stipulated amount of time, designed by the industry experts
- Each and every problem which is at granular level has to be resolved at the earliest as possible, so that the existing problem will not become complex in the

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