Case Study On Nursing Code Of Ethics

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The Nursing Code of Ethics and When “Doing Good” May Cause Harm “An ethical dilemma is a situation in which an individual is compelled to choose between two actions that will affect the welfare of a sentient being, and both actions are reasonably justified as being good, neither action is readily justified as being good.” (Butss & Rick, 2012) Nurses can face ethical dilemmas everyday within their practice. Canadian Nurses Association [CAN](2008) states when nurses are in the situation of an ethical dilemma it is important that they utilize their code of ethics to guide them in their decision making process. In this case study a nurse was sick and choose to continue to work even though she was not well because the ward needed the nurses to …show more content…
The nurses in this case study are practicing care that is not ethical, or that can be challenged ethically. Therefore they are violating the code that they must abide by, the nurses in this clinical scenario are compromising being faithful to the code and to the patients by working with them when they are not competent. They are not competent because they are sick and putting them in harm’s way as well they are under the influence of anti-histamines, which could compromise their judgment.
In this case study nurses are not breaching the ethical principle of justice, the nurses in this case are treating all patients fairly. They would all be receiving the same type of care while the nurse is working while sick or under the influence of medications. Justice is more of an ethical principle that could be measured by the fairness in the treatment in all patients.
Providing Safe, Compassionate, Competent, and Ethical
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In an article written by Laura Stokowski (2015) she discusses the obligation nurses can sometimes feel to go to work despite not being health or well. The nursing shortages that have stricken all over Canada can sometimes prevent nurses from being able to call in another nurse forcing them to work while they are sick or risk losing their job. To promote wellness and health on the nurses part would be hypocritical as they are not being healthy or smart

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