Case Study Of Zya Coffee

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Mission Statement To provide incomparable taste experiences for coffee drinkers around the world while actively participating in the communities of each nation.
Company Goals
Short Term Goals
In order to increase revenue, it is important for the population in South Africa to know about Zya Coffee. Therefore, as a short term goal Zya Coffee will have to make television and radio advertisements to market its products. The company will also contact advertising companies in South Africa to analyze and understand consumer buying trends. It is also important for Zya Coffee to have good consumer relations, so one of Zya Coffee’s most important short term goals is to receive at least 95% positive customer feedback regarding its products. As Zya
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The strength of South Africa’s market will influence other developing African nations to follow in its footsteps. Therefore, Zya Coffee can use exports in South Africa as the gateway for future large-scale exporting.
Zya Coffee is guaranteed a source of demand in South Africa, as South Africa is considered an upper-middle economy, who imported 9.21 million bags of Coffee in November 2012 (BizzCommunity). The economy is continuously expanding through refined banking and financial services, and exports, therefore, establishment in South Africa would result in major future prosperity for Zya Coffee.
Currency Exchange Rate South Africa uses the South African Rand as its official currency. 1R is equivalent to $0.0987CAD and $0.07643USD ($1.00CAD = 12.1287R) as of 2015-10-16 23:36 UTC. The lower value of the Rand makes it optimum for exporting into South African because of the lower labour and product costs. The lower currency rate will also help Zya Coffee control its expenses when paying employees and gathering
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Beverage Success
South Africa has had a rich history of international beverage success. Many companies such as Fanta, Stoney, and Kingsley have exported to South Africa and gained economic prosperity. Most recently, cappuccinos have been a trend amongst South African citizens. These historic trends, give Zya Coffee the confidence it needs to explore and invest in the South African market.
Coffee Popularity
Coffee in South Africa has seen a dramatic increase in popularity since 2007. Coffee shops in South Africa have experienced four times the amount of business over the past five years (coffeetastingclub.) Coffee in the forms of pods or home-made indicates the South African need for higher quality coffee. The growing coffee market in South Africa allows the exporting of Zya Coffee to be successful. As it is evident that South Africans have increased the amount of coffee they drink, while urging for higher quality. Zya Coffee can capitalize on this market significantly as a

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