Cerebrovascular Disease Essay

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The heart is one of the most important organs in your body. Your heart helps the all the blood in your body circulates. For does who do not know the function of the blood-flow I will explain. On the right side of the heart we have two Vena Cava in which is superior and inferior. Next we have the right atrium, from the right atrium the flows through the tricuspid valve. Upcoming the blood flow goes through the right ventricle, to the pulmonary valve, succeeding to the pulmonary artery than to the right and left lung. On the left side of the heart we have pulmonary veins the blood flow continues to the left atrium, through the bicuspid valve. The following the blood goes through the left ventricle to the aortic valve, than to the aorta, to the rest of the whole body. The heart is a very complicated …show more content…
Cerebrovascular disease causes a division into embolism, aneurysms, and low flow states depending on its cause. Major factors are obesity, diabetes, muscle weakness on the side of the body whether is right or left, smoking, hypertension and hypotension.

In a healthy body the carotid arteries form blood supply to the brain. When having a stroke, the muscles may be lost depending on the type of the stroke patient/victim had. Strokes can result from embolism due to a breach blood vessel. Embolism blocks some small arteries within the brain causing dysfunction. Sudden rupture of blood vessel in the brain causes a hemorrhagic stroke. Another form of cerebrovascular disease is aneurysms. The weak branching points of arteries give rise to swelling with thin covering of endothelium that causes a tear to bleed easily within a small rise of blood pressure. Also it defects the capillaries causing the tissue cholesterol to deposition in hypertensive subject within or without dyslipidemia. If any bleeding happens the derive effects a hemorrhagic stroke in the form of subarachnoid hemorrhage

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