Case Study Of Sensodyne

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In this project, we choose a unique brush tooth product. This product help people to save their time and use a limited amount of toothpaste. Our goals for this project is to show how is the easy life and save time for the people. Also, because it is something new and unique for attracting customer. Furthermore, to inform the people about cost.

Company and background about the brand.
We chose Sensodyne brand because It is number 1 in the world for sensitivity to toothpaste. It is Brooklyn Company in New York; the company was founded in 1907. In 1961 was marketed first toothpaste. "The product is sold under the brand name of Schumi test in Japan. It is universally recommended by doctors for sensitive teeth.

Consumer product
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That related to the brand of the company and the quality of it. Next, 22.9% prefers to use a signal toothbrush. (graph 11)

Most of the people they use Sensodyen as the first type of toothpaste which calculated by 28.2% of all. They use this kind of toothpaste because it has a lot of advertising on TV. The second category that people can prefer is Oral-B. That are about 26.6%. Others people use different kinds of toothpaste, and they are roughly 25%. (graph 12)
People buy toothpaste to clean their teeth. And they are extremely 73.9% of total, to keep their teeth clean. Next, 18.6% are using toothpaste for teeth whitening. Then, some people use toothpaste for tooth sensitivity. Nearly 5.3% of them. (graph 13)

Most of the people they show advertising about Sensodyen in television. They accounted for approximately 82.4%; some people spent a lot of time with TV. Furthermore, some of the people know about Sensodyen from social media. Which about 15.4% of the total. And 2.1% which is a few of people who know about Sensodyen from the newspaper. (graph 14)
Most of the people accepted our idea, and they are 94.7%. (Related to graph
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Firstly, geographic. The product is modern, and it's acceptable in all nations, regions, cities and even neighborhoods. Secondly, demographic segmentation. That mean divided market based on age, gender, income, etc., so our glass is compatible with young or old people, male or female also the price of our product will be as match their quality. Thirdly, psychographic segmentation. Which means to divide buyers into different groups based on social class, lifestyle and personality characteristics. The product which is Brush with toothpaste will help all ages people, and it will make them life easy without any issues, and they will be responsibility for them self. Finally, that is behavioral segmentation. This product will based on their customer knowledge, uses and attitudes. Our segmentation is active because it is measurable, accessible and sustainable. The devices will be available everywhere such as Pharmacies, associations, ADNOC, Carrefour,

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