Family Case Study: Kim's Family Structure

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Hye Hyun Kim
CDFS 319-01
Family Case Study My Family Case Study will thoroughly examine the Kim family’s current problems and stresses of family structure. I will describe the family, information of their origin history and current history, and their problem and its effects, and how they are dealing with this problem to improve their family structure. Mr. Kim is a 56 years old Korean man, who was a company employee, and has been retired for five years. He lost his first wife, and remarried to Mrs. Kim who is a 57 years old single Korean woman. Mr. Kim has 1 daughter named Sara, and he decided to not tell her that Mrs. Kim is her stepmother since she was 2 years old at that time, young enough to not recognize. Then 3 years after, they have 1 daughter named Sophia. They decided to raise Sara and Sophia without discrimination. Mrs. Kim lost her parents at a young age and had hard time to support her siblings and maintain her education at the same time. She became a career woman so early, and she really likes to work and achieve success in her career. She also really put a lot of efforts on her children even though she worked more hours than Mr. Kim did. However, Mr. Kim’s parents and siblings don’t like his second wife until now just because she is not a housewife. In Korean culture, being a career woman was not a common, and a
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Mr. Kim no longer wants family and just works everyday. Since his mother passed away, he and his siblings are taking care of their father. Mrs. Kim is still working to support Sara and Sophia. She wants to recover her relationship with Mr. Kim, but she needs to get rid of the hurts from Mr. Kim and his family before recovery. Sara doesn’t believe in family and suffers from lack of affection. Sophia also doesn’t want to get married because she saw everything what her mother experienced and doesn’t trust a

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