Case Study : Maple Leaf Shoes Company Essay

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Maple Leaf Shoes Company is a middle size company in the manufacturing industry that deals with vinyl and leather shoes. Through its president Robert Clark, the company has made a decision to re-evaluate the role of the human resource manager prior to employing another manager to fill the vacant position. The maple Leaf shoe company requires a new manager to take control of the Human resource department. The problem with Maples Leaf Shoes Ltd. was that the company did not have an experienced, qualified, skilled and knowledgeable manager to deal with the company’s day-to-day human resource activities like union negotiation and recruitment. Therefore, the company has been facing several challenges including; employee productivity, employee awareness of duties and responsibilities, poor interdepartmental communication, lack of team work and lastly inadequate systems of appraisal (Freyss, 1999). The company contacted Tim Lance to help in establishing the current roles in the human resource department and give recommendation on the appropriate course of actions.
What is your evaluation of Lance 's approach to the project?

The major positive point is that Lance made an attempt to inter¬view all the senior managers of the organization although he did not succeed in this. Some of the questions used by Lance also are proactive in tone for example “What are the major challenges facing Maple Leaf Shoes in the next five years?”. Lance also seems to be working under the assumption that…

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