Case Study: Leap Of Faith

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American Experience HUM 100
Dec.2, 2016
Assignment 6
Leap of Faith
My family’s history began in the early nineteen hundreds with the birth of my Grandfather. He was born in 1907 in the month of December. My Grandmother was born in the year of 1905 in the Month of February. They both grew up on the Island of St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands in the Caribbean. My Grandfather was born to a mother of Blackfoot decent and father of chinse decent. My Grandmother mother was half Dutch and West Indian decent my great-grandfather was a woods craftsmen by trade his livelihood came from building houses, coffins and such. During the early part of my Grandfathers youth, he was taught the trade of woodworking by the time he got to the sixth grade
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She too at an early age was set at preforming certain task in the kitchens in which her mother worked. Her mother worked for the O’Malley family as well as in the kitchen of bluebeard’s castle on the Island. The Governor of the Island just happened to be Governor O’Malley which was Dutch so the Dutch way of cooking along with the backing style of the Dutch were taught to my Grandmother as well as the traditional style of Island cooking. By the time my Grandmother was 18years old she was already running her own business cooking and baking with baking be her specialty.
Therefore, fast-forward to the early part of the 1920’s my Grandparents met and fell in love. They got married in the same year they met. Both of them being skilled in the trades served as a great start for a family which they started with the birth of my uncle Joe in the year of nineteen twenty two after this my mother was born in the year of nineteen twenty seven in the month of
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The reading of Zinn gives a good picture of what was one of the causes of the great migration to and around the Americas. To compare the strategies and motives underlying the conquest of the Aztecs by Cortez and the conquest of the Incas by Pissarro, we see that Pizarro killed mass numbers of people in Peru using the same tactics Cortez used destroying the slaves, products of the soil, to satisfy stock holders and monarchial bureaucracies to spur the growth of the new money economy rising out of feudalism. This is the same way slave owners treated their slaves as well as the surrounding population. This is one of the major factors that led people like my Grandfather as well as plenty others to flee their birth place and come to the new world to take a chance with in a new structure regardless of the risk such as racism and

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