Case Study: IBM CEO And IBM

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Introduction This case study is about Sam Palmisano’s, IBM Chairman and CEO, vision to establish IBM as a Globally Integrated Enterprise (GIE) where “Global integration is the new game. Innovation is the way to win. We must be out there connecting across the world.” Therefore, the purpose of this paper is to summarize the key issues necessary to define and develop how GIE is relevant to IBM employees and business partners. Furthermore, provide insights on IBM transformation according to “The Art of Strategic Renewal” and “Drucker, Theory of the Business” articles. Finally, report on how IBM has adjusted since 2008 and has IBM been successful with endeavors.
Global Scope As IBM moved away from a computer manufacturer to a technology
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IBM embraced technology and adapted ways to introduce new academic discipline and computer science with Service Science Management and Engineering (SSME), capture innovation through a Global Innovation Outlook (GIO) program where ideas can come from anywhere inside or outside the company, and define innovation to include processes as well as products. Palmisano stated, “We must be ahead of strategic shifts. We can’t miss a cycle and catch up.” This allowed IBM to decrease lag time between technology innovation and customers’ orders by creating strategically-located Innovation Center globally and demonstrating the capabilities and futuristic prototypes that showcased possibilities and new solutions. (Kanter, 2008)
Management by Flying Around Another key area to advance the Globally Integrated Enterprise was to spend time talking with local government officials and business leaders, have face-to-face interactions, and developed personal relationships. The Internet made the world smaller and connected where emerging countries have an abundance of IT skills and market potential. Moreover, scope of coordinated and integrated activities had to be global versus regional, however, client knowledge and culture must come from specific ‘geo’ location and being on-site must be
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Preventive care should help the organization be watchful and change quickly to a new reality. Warning signs of early problems include attaining its original objectives, rapid growth, unexpected successes and failures. These signals should indicate questioning the organization existing theory of the business to understand what changes are necessary and to take decisive actions through hard work with diagnosis and analysis. Therefore, every three years, an organization should examine and challenge every product, service, and policy to validate and authenticate its theory of the business. (Drucker,

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