Essay on Case Study : Fix Software Defects

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chapter{Conclusion} label{cap:conclusion} Fix software defects is a complex activity, tedious and time consuming. To address these shortcomings, developers often exploit applications through debugging. As a result, this process produces a lot of information about the system context. This information is, however, extbf{usually lost after the end of the debugging session}. In this thesis dissertation, we present a new approach to collect, share and retrieve information from call debugging sessions named Swarm Debugging (SD). SD uses developers ' cooperative effort cite{Fuggetta2000,Storey2014} to capture and share knowledge, collecting iterations that were previously discarded in traditional debugging tools. It allows developers to find breakpoints and starting points, and share their experiences on software projects transparently. Focusing on sensitive sessions context, each SD session captures only the paths covered intentionally, driving by true developers ' issues.

In order to validate our approach, we made the Swarm Debug Infrastructure (SDI), an open-source infrastructure integrated into Eclipse, to collect and share fine-grained data about developers ' interactive debugging activities. The SDI collects data in the background during debugging activities without altering the performance of the IDE. The SDI stores data on a remote server using an asynchronous execution and, thus, does not suffer from performance or memory issues as could omniscient debuggers…

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