Case Study : ' Family ' Essay

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Case Study 19

According to Rogers, Katharine is incongruent because her perceived self greatly differs from her ideal self, fact emphasized even more by what she felt before her 10th high school reunion that she purposefully missed. Katherine wanted to accomplish several things after high school, none of which truly materialized: she mainly wanted a happy marriage with children and to own a successful business. She rushed into marriage with her high school sweetheart, a marriage that made her very unhappy as she was not able to have children and pursue the business and career goals she had set for herself. She was cheated on and dumped, leaving her alone, with no career in place, no family, and later on, even her physical appearance took a beating as she gained dozens of pounds. Due to all this and this huge discrepancy between her perceived self and her ideal self, Katharine was too ashamed to participate in her 10th reunion thinking everyone would have accomplished their own goals and would feel pity for her. In other words, as Rogers would state, she was not able to self actualize, our main goal in life and something innate within all of us. Katharine had to live being a person she did not like. To cope with all this, she participated in a women’s support group that motivated her to pursue her business goals and become the person she always wanted (her ideal self). Slowly, they guided her on how to pursue her business goals (such as utilizing her crafting skills).…

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