Case Study : Dawn During Different Stages Of Child Development

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Case Study - Dawn
Numerous changes can occur during different stages of child development; each change is unique to the individual caused by enteral processes, the environment in which they develop and interaction with the people who surround them. Bronfenbrenner’s model describes factors that affect child development both directly and indirectly. Proximal variables such as interaction between mother and child to intermediate variables such as marital discord. (Broderick & Blewitt, 2015) Dawn is a 4 year girl who started out as an only child. When Dawn was 3 years old, Terry had her second child, Darren who is suffering with congenital heart problems. He needs a lot of attention from his mother which fills the majority of her day. His father Bill, Terry’s husband, is having to work extra shifts to cover their expenses. Dawn is now a 4 year old who was the center of her parents attention until her little brother came along. She is acting out in school and at home and Terry is at her wits end trying to deal with Dawn’s behavior and Darren’s health care needs. (Broderick & Blewitt, 2015)
Primary Issues There are several key issues to deal with in this case study. The main two issues being Dawn’s behavior and Terry’s change in parenting style. When Dawn was the only child, Terry and Bill accepted both her positive and negative behavior. They responded to their child’s negative and positive behavior the same way. When she was upset and being unruly Terry would make up a game…

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