Essay on Case Study : County Sherriff 's Office

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Dulton County Sherriff’s Office “Employee discrimination has a broad-based of workplace discrimination that includes the hiring process, treatment of employees in terms of promotions/demotions, work schedules, working conditions, or assignments, disciplinary actions such as reprimands, suspension, or termination” (Bethel, 2011). “In the year of 1964 “The Civil Rights Act” law was recognized based on race, color, gender, religion, national origin, age, disabilities and other characteristics to provide antidiscrimination protection in the workplace (Bethel University, 2011).
In the employee discrimination case of Sylvia Nelson versus Dulton County Sherriff’s office the observations are based on if diversity and reasonable accommodations were provided to Nelson. The actual case will illustrate if Dulton County Sherriff’s office should or should not pay Nelson’s unemployment insurance; or if Nelson should receive unemployment insurance under the circumstances of her termination. “The standards and consequences vary determining the statutory mandates of an individual claim of employment discrimination against a larger company” (Bethel University, 2011 pg. 296).
Nelson was released back to work under the supervision of her physician with continued therapy and prescribed medication. Moreover, Donovan the supervisor of Nelson did not attempt to make necessary accommodations on the job which violated Nelson’s rights under the American Disability Act (ADA). Therefore,…

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