Case Study : Business Process And Applications Essays

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Exhibit 1 Case Study

Dave wants to expand his existing business and want to expand his services using IT business process and applications.
He also wants to introduce a variety of new electronic products especially wireless communications.
He wants his company to become triple the size in two years.
He also wants to partner with other retailers and manufactures nearby to stay in retail model and have larger product access.
He wanted to adopt IT models for automating his business process and become a large digital corporation.

Dave wanted to be like Dell and Compaq, where the activities within the corporation are run, monitored and managed in real-time.
The corporations have IT models and infrastructures as their leading business models/plans as their prime resources.
Dave wanted to adopt the NGE model which facilitates real-time enterprise model as in Dell and Compaq.

Dave never wanted to be a manufacturer. He wants to be a source where customers can order, purchase electronic goods.
He also provides repair services for these goods.
He wants to get partners from manufacturing and retailing of the same area that can do all the heavy manufacturing process and supply him with products/goods.

IT helps Dave’s corporation to have a single platform for business networks.
Having IT infrastructure and business model helps a digital corporation to keep par with the existing customers which is necessary for Dave in his current situation.
IT also helps Dave’s corporation…

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