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“To make a difference in people’s lives through excellent patient care” (Banner Health, 2014, para. 1). This is Banner Health’s mission statement. Banner Health is a nationally known and recognized health care organization. Twenty-three years ago in 1991, Banner Health first merged with Lutheran Health Systems and Samaritan Health Systems. Their positive outlook on healthcare grew as well as their reputation. Currently, Banner Health operates in seven states and has twenty-four hospitals within their network. Banner Health serves over 300,000 total patients in the states of Arizona, Alaska, California, Colorado, Nebraska, and Wyoming. Banner Health staffs over 36,000 people. Banner Health is nationally recognized in the top five largest …show more content…
Placed along the labor and delivery floor are microphones and cameras that are connected to the physician. The physician can see and speak to nurses, the patient, and other staff members in real time. The whole system follows HIPPA requirements and is prevented from actually recording any data. Banner Health implemented this program to improve patient care and to prevent complications among mother and baby (Banner Health, 2012).
Banner Health actively participates in mid-year and yearly performance evaluations from management. The performance evaluation was designed to help Banner Health meet and exceed performances of other nationally recognized healthcare systems. Using this system it allows Banner Health to review performance standards and clinical practice in such areas as Stroke, ICU, Heart Failure, and Open-Heart surgery and compare their results with national standards. Gathering such information allows Banner Health to develop policies and procedures and deliver the best care, which will increase patient outcomes.
As healthcare evolves and continues to change Banner Health has begun opening smaller urgent care and health clinics within the community setting. These resources will reduce the amount of patients in the emergency room. The Banner Health clinics in the community offer administration of

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