Case Study And Plan Of Care Essay

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Genitourinary Case Study and Plan of Care
Infections like acute prostatitis in the male genitourinary system are rare while disorders like benign prostatic hyperplasia are more common with aging (Yoon et al., 2012). Mr. H.S. is a 60-year-old male with history of urinary issues for two years. Reports today symptoms have increased in severity. He reports today nocturia consisting of 4-5 episodes a night and interference of daily activities related to frequent urination with a decreased urinary stream and fever.
Subjective Date:
Client Complaint “I am going to the bathroom a lot at night and also having difficulty when I urinate. It has been worse the past two weeks. I am worried I might have cancer.”

History of Present Illness Mr. S. presents with complaints of decreased urinary flow for two years. He reports the past two weeks the symptoms have worsened with dysuria and increased nocturia. He reports significant trouble with starting his flow and urinating 4-5 times a night. He also reports possible fever but denies any abdominal pain. He expresses concern for having cancer.

Past Medical History Mr. S.’s medical history consists of hypertension and hypercholesterolemia and patient reports compliance with treatment. No known drug allergies. Denies any surgical history. Hospitalization for angina five years ago. Denies any smoking, alcohol or drug use. Medication regimen includes, Cardizem 240mg daily and Zocor 20mg daily.

Significant Family History Two siblings, alive and…

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