Case Study : Adult Protective And Community Supervisor Essay

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Katie Costillo, Adult Protective and Community Supervisor

Doyle Johnson-Adult Protective and Community Supervisor, Stacey Garner-Regional Manager, Ronda Sims-ARM, Anjail Salik-ARM

Monday - Friday 8am - 5pm


Mostly by phone, on a daily basis due to time scheduled on the Agent Line (4.5 hours per day), with participants and/or their family members, social workers, provider agencies as well as any general public call from people seeking information or resources for the Aged.

I have to walk to retrieve outgoing mail and stand at the postage machine to stamp copious amounts of letters and packets as well as process and distribute (walking around the entire office in my attempts to discern the intended recipient) any incoming mail on a daily basis.

Laptop Computer - Case Compass, FRED, Cyber Access, Microsoft Excel and Word, Outlook

Perform basic clerical support functions including actions in all automated systems used by the Division, and specifically by two teams of Investigators. Accurately maintain, develop, and update spreadsheets, databases, and required logs. Provide clerical assistance, with relative independence, making decisions in accordance with agency policies, rules and / or procedures.
Field calls from the Agent Line assisting participants with the use of their care plan, providing requested information or any additional resource information required by the caller.

Agent Line Operator - Fields calls from the main lines providing assistance to…

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