Geriatric Mental Health Case Study

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Geriatric and Psychiatric Mental Health Case Analysis: A Psychodynamic Perspective
Suk-hee Kim, Ph.D., COI, MSW
Department of Counseling, Social Work and Leadership
Northern Kentucky University

ABSTRACT This article presents an approach to assess and intervene ageriatric and psychiatric mental health hospital client based on a psychodynamic perspective. Psychodynamic theory contributes the idea that social workers choose an approach that supports clients to replicate significant mental health aging experiences. The purpose of this study is to assess whether depressed geriatric clients would respond to psychodynamic assessment to their mental illness and, if so, whether the client respond also to the intervention. A 60-year-old Caucasian, single, and female entered the study. A case illustration is presented that demonstrates the application of psychodynamic approach.

Key words: Aging, Psychodynamic, Mental Health, Social Work, Assessment, Intervention

The depressed elderly person’s loss of self-esteem is a critical indication to dynamics. It implies that to maintain self-esteem individual must sustain neither losses nor disappointments. Freud concerns his work on depression on what was to become a structural paradigm (Beck, 2012). We often
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Though biologically induced, these processes are shaped by psychological, socioeconomic, and cultural forces. These dynamic, interacting processes have been conceptualized by Erikson as occurring in epigenetic stages of development. Each stage requires changes and redefinitions in relationships with significant others, negotiations with the external environment, and struggles with one’s self-definitions and self-identity. In general, personal and environmental resources support or frustrate an individual’s ability to develop a sense of mastery and

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