Case Study 3 Mcdonalds and Obesity Essay

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Case Study 4 McDonalds

1) How should Mac respond when ads promoting healthy lifestyle featuring Ronald McDonald are equated with Joe Camel and Cig ads? Should Mac eliminate Ronald McDonald in its ads?

I do not believe it is necessary to eliminate Ronald McDonald as the mascot. The comparison to Joe Camel is rather unfair. Although McDonalds uses Ronald to market its unhealthily to children, it is not the same as smoking and getting addicted to cigarettes (, 2016). McDonalds should used Ron’s image in a different way, promoting healthy food and activity, less focus on the food even and focus on charitable work. Ronald is among top 25 mascots of all times. (, 2016) Ronald McDonalds should make visits to
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It sends a good message and will ease parents and they may be more likely to let their children dine there occasionally. This also gives McDonalds a chance to expand their product line to include more “healthy” foods. By adding the health message McDonalds will save money from the tax and may be viewed in a better light for choosing the message.

3) If there is no evidence that obesity rates fall in those countries that ban food advertising to children, why bother?

Obesity is a serious problem in some countries and McDonalds should be concerned if its products are associated with its brand especially in children it is their social responsibility to address it (Musemeche, 2012). They should do their own independent research and prove that there is no different. If the ban on advertising is not affect and does not affect sales then why waste money on advertising (Musemeche, 2012). On the other hand their was no increase either according to the study the obesity did not rise or fall after the ban, so people that were eating kept on eating. Perhaps the bans do not affect the obese rates because the children are already addicted to food. Or their parents have are addicted because they feed it to their children. The obesity rate cannot rapidly fall, it will take some time, because parent’s lifestyle should modify as well as children’s eating style should also be change. The data will need to be gathered over a longer period of time not short term to see true

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