Case Analysis : Roper Vs. Morris Essay

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Roper vs Simmons was one of the cases that everybody was questioning whether it is "reasonable under the Eighth and Fourteenth Amendments to the Constitution of the United States to execute an adolescent guilty party who is older than 15 however younger than 18 when he carried out a capital wrongdoing."(Alston 34 ) This an perfect example of the "Stanford v. Kentucky case according to the International Human Rights by Philip Alston and Ryan Goodman the courts believe a separated Court dismisses the suggestion that the Constitution bars the death penalty for adolescent guilty parties in this age group.I strongly believe we should rethink the question."(34) In my opinion I think Juveniles shouldn 't be killed because of their wrongdoing especially under the age of 18 because kids can’t be held to the same levels of accountability. "A known fact is that the human brain doesn’t stop developing until the age of 25. With that in mind, another known fact is that your car insurance rate will only go down when you reach the age of 25, because that is when our brains lose the interest in taking risks. Thus, juveniles are still very young and are really not all that developed. They don’t see the long-term impact of their actions. They don’t think if they do something, that this will happen and that might happen. They don’t honestly are incapable of stopping to think of the consequences..Their judgment part of the brain isn’t developed yet at their age, so it isn’t fair to put…

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