Case 22: Herman Miller Essays

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Case 22: Herman Miller Inc.
History- Herman Miller’s roots go back to 1905 and the Star Furniture Company, a manufacturer of traditional-style bedroom suites in Zeeland, Michigan. In 1909 the company was renamed Michigan Star Furniture Company and hired Dirk Jan De Pree as a clerk. De Pree became president in 1919 and four years later convinced his father-in-law, Herman Miller, to purchase the majority of shares; De Pree renamed the company Herman Miller Furniture Company in recognition of Miller’s support.

1. Describe Herman Miller’s strategy. Is there evidence it has produced a competitive advantage and good financial performance? Explain.
Herman Miller’s strategy is a growth strategy, through innovative products and production
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If they don’t, then we want to wish you the best, but we do need to tell you that I don’t have a job for you right now.”

As part of this new contract, benefit plans were redesigned such as educational reimbursement and 401K.

5. Do non-monetary incentives facilitate strategy execution at HMI? Explain.

Yes. As stated previously in number two, the values of that the employees must live/work by, I think, have a huge role in strategy execution at HMI. Some of the values, once again, include performance and a better world. Performance, for example, is stated to be required for leadership. HMI wants leaders; therefore, employees are committed to performing at the highest level possible. Performance isn’t a choice, and at HMI everyone must perform at their best. However performance is measured, enriches lives, delights the customers, and creates value for the shareholders. If the employees follow such values, the furniture created will most likely fit the needs of the customers. Also, take a look at the value of a better world. A better world is the heart of HMI and one of the main reasons why people choose to work for them. HMI contributes to a better world by pursuing sustainability and environmental wisdom. HMI reaches a better world by contributing time and money to communities, and other causes outside of the company, as well as becoming a good corporate citizen worldwide. Be being involved in this effort,

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