Carelessness Of The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald Essay

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In The Great Gatsby carelessness pulls people in like gravity until they all collide and make a mess of those who were willing to care. Carelessness is central not only to the characters of the novel but also the time period. What could possible be the cause of this lack of caring? Money. Not only does it permeate the loose and easy times of the twenties but some of the most careless of all the characters are incredibly wealthy. The world is full of people; some of them are charitable, polite, and kind, while others are careless. This is the case in the world of The Great Gatsby, as so many of the novel’s characters are careless, but their carelessness varies. Tom and Daisy are just all around careless. They flounce about with their family money and perpetual egos, never considering the needs of others, like when Daisy shows off her daughter like a doll. Not once does she give the child hugs or pay attention to her. She merely fawns about her beauty and then send her to be with the nanny again. Her husband is not any better. Tom is a person so consumed in himself he does not feel remorse for anything. Especially not for cheating on Daisy, as he has done so many times with the likes of Myrtle Wilson, and the chambermaid a few months after their wedding. Even the protagonists of the story like Nick and Gatsby are careless about certain things. Nick never stands up for his own ideas. He leaves himself to others whims, as though he doesn’t even care. His indifference is…

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