Careless Actions In The Great Gatsby

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In literature, characters can either care about other or be completely careless and selfish and these actions could lead to others demise. In The Great Gatsby, By Scott F. Fitzgerald, one of the main characters, Daisy, displays these careless actions. This novel takes place in the 1920’s and mainly describes the toxic relationships between Daisy, Gatsby, and Tom. Gatsby is a wealthy, new money man who has spent his life after the war trying to win Daisy back. The only problem is that Daisy is married to Tom, but Tom is not faithful. This destructive love triangle leads to many problems. Daisy Buchanan is a self-absorbed, vacuous socialite whose decisions lead to the destruction of both Jay Gatsby and Myrtle Wilson.
Daisy is self-centered in
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She’d surely be disgraced and cast out of her social circle if she remarried her new wealth lover. She’d be reduced to fraternizing with those West Egg Broadway types she seems to detest so much” (Baker). No matter how much Daisy loved Gatsby, she wouldn’t ever consider remarrying to him because she is worried it would make her a lower class. Daisy caring about her image leads to damage because she is leading on Gatsby and doesn’t realize the harm she’s creating to everyone by worrying about herself and how she appears in the social eye. Daisy Buchanan could be thought of as narcissistic because of the way she plays with Gatsby and Tom’s emotions. While reading the novel, it’s clear to see that Gatsby is much more in love with Daisy than she is with him. “We haven’t met for many years,…” “Five years next November.” (Fitzgerald 87) As seen here, Gatsby knows how exactly long it’s been while Daisy makes an educated guess, meaning Gatsby has been thinking about her a lot more than she has. “Daisy is the meretricious beauty to which Gatsby concentrates his life.” (Weshoven) It’s also seen in this quote how he dedicates himself to her when she doesn’t as much. This is proving that she could possibly have different intentions for Gatsby. It can be …show more content…
Scott Fitzgerald wrote this novel to show the readers Gatsby and Daisy’s complicated love story. The readers soon realize Daisy isn’t as she appears. She fools people. She may be intriguing, charming, and beautiful, but she is really manipulating, self-absorbed and destructive. She proves this by caring about her image, playing with people’s emotions, and being a reckless driver. She is the reason for Jay Gatsby and Myrtle Wilsons demise. Both of their cases end in death, and Daisy runs the opposite directions and continues to try and live her life normally, as if she never caused anything. In conclusion, people may not be the same way they present themselves; in fact, they may be the total opposite of what is thought of them and even harm others in the

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