Essay on Carbon Dioxide Carbon Emissions From Fossil Fuel

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I. Introduction One of the most important issues within the field of environmental protection is the issue of discovering a way of properly regulating carbon dioxide emissions from fossil fuel burning power plants. Carbon dioxide is primarily produced as a byproduct of combustion of fossil fuels in power plants in order to provide heat to turn water into steam, that can drive the turbines that create electricity. According to the Environmental Protection Agency in 2012, humans produced 5,400 million metric tons of carbon dioxide and power plants produced 38 percent of the total carbon dioxide produced. Therefore, there is currently a debate whether to tax the carbon dioxide that is being released by power plants or should we look for another alternative to control the release of excessive amounts of carbon dioxide into our atmosphere. The way that the carbon dioxide tax on power plants would work is by each power plants would have measurement devices that measure the amount of carbon dioxide that is released and based on the amount of carbon dioxide being released the tax would be per metric ton. This essay will address both sides of the argument on taxing carbon dioxide emissions from power plants that use fossil fuels and then I will give my position on the issue.
II. Supporting carbon dioxide tax a. Positives for carbon dioxide tax on power plants One argument for the carbon dioxide tax is that due to the increase revenue that is obtained due to the carbon dioxide…

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