Carbon Credits Essay

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Submitted By : Harshad Vijay Kulkarni BE – Part II Dept. of Environmental Engineering Alok Deepak Kulkarni BE – Part II Dept. of Civil Engineering KIT’s College of Engineering, Kolhapur.

The Greenhouse Gases which include Carbon-di-oxide, Methane and also other oxides on account of incomplete combustion, substantially disturb the balance of the heat in the earth’s atmosphere leading to warming of the atmospheric temperature which is called as Global Warming and considered a major threat to life on earth. In today’s world situation, it is very much necessary to find out the solution for the global impact of pollution for the survival of life. The rules & regulations which are meant for the control
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Considering the global impacts of climate change, the carbon came about in response to the Kyoto Protocol. Signed in Kyoto, Japan, by some 180 countries in December 1997, the Kyoto Protocol calls for around 38 industrialized countries to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions between the years 2008 to 2012 to levels that are 5.2% lower than those of 1990.

Carbon is given an economic value, allowing companies, agencies or governments to buy, sell, bank and trade Carbon Credits called Certified Emission Reductions or CERs.


1. Abstract 2. Introduction 3. What Carbon Credit exactly is? 4. Need of Carbon Credit Concept. 5. How to Work out. a. Processes of Carbon Credits b. Sectors in Carbon Credits. 6. Carbon Capture & Storage 7. Procedure for obtaining Carbon Credits 8. Certification Requirements. 9. Economics of Carbon Credits 10. Facts Regarding Carbon Credits a. Benefits b. Criticism c. Real Carbon Credits 11. Refferences

What Carbon Credit exactly is?
 Carbon credits are reductions of emissions of greenhouse gases caused by a project or a Product utilized by anybody which directly or indirectly reduces or eliminates green house gases. Currently this reduction is measured in terms of Carbon-di-oxide

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