Essay on Captain Phillips

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Film project contrast paper
Captain Phillips movie, examines the 2009 hijacking of a U.S container ship, by the name Maerks Alabama. The movie stars Tom Hanks as Richard Phillip (IMDb). It is a hard pounding thriller that exhibits the creativity of its director Paul Green Grass. According to Ryan McNeil (2013) the movie reflects on the primary effects of globalization, by showing the relationship between the ship's commanding officer and the Somali captain who forcefully held him (McNeil). Richard Phillips meets with Muse; the Somali captain, when Phillips ship goes on a wrong course (IMDb). Both captains find themselves at the mercy of forces, which are beyond their control. The movie is
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His views are supported by Lawrence Topman who affirms that the movie does not develop strong feelings toward the protagonist and antagonist, the reviewer says that a movie should make the audience develop strong feelings (Topmann). McNeil Ryan suggests that, the movie does not pack the emotional wallop that is needed (McNeil).
Other reviewers like Dan Franken have disagreed on negative criticism of Captain Phillips. Contrary to Ed Whitfield Dan Franzen, Vouch for the movie by suggesting that it is based on a true event, he says that “Captain Phillips is the rarest of thrillers”, he opposes Whitfield contention that Captain Phillips is an ordinary thriller (IMDb). Dan further supports his claims by saying that the movie is motivated by Tom Hank’s passion to act (IMDb). Dan says that the “movie never lags”. Dan describes the Tom Hank’s performance in this movie as being admirable; he says that this is one of the best performances that Hanks was able to show (IMDb).
Marcus Blakelock, supports Dan idea that the movie is great. He goes contrary to Mark Wallop, who believes that the emotion is not well portrayed in the movie. Marcus believes that the movie has excellent usage of emotions, tensions and a comprehensive acting (IMDb). Marcus says that audience will have a lasting memory of emotions created by the movie (IMDb). Marcus is against the idea

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